Protests against police searches (4 Apr 2013)
JUBI - The National Committee for West Papua - KNPB - has protested against measures taken by the police to search the homes of people in the vicinity of Perumnas-EXPO, Waene , Jayapura, in their search for Danny Wenda.

Two teenagers are arrested and detained for two weeks over fabricated charges in Paniai, Papua (25 Mar 2013)
AHRC - The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the arrest and detention of two teenagers based on fabricated charges in Paniai, Papua. The police arrested them after finding a woven bag filled with a cartridge and other materials associated with pro-independence movement, which did not belong to either of them but was left by a stranger just before the police came. The police told the media that the two teenagers are members of a pro-independence group yet the spokesperson of the group has claimed that the arrested individuals are not members.

Police and military officers molested a pregnant woman and arbitrarily arrested six civilians in Paniai, Papua (20 Mar 2013)
AHRC - The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the raid conducted by a joint police and military force in Paniai, Papua. The raid was conducted to find members of the pro-independence group but the joint force arrested six civilians who are not related in any way with this group. Four officers of the joint force also molested a pregnant woman during the raid and physically assaulted her 18 month old baby.

TPN in Yapen arrest local Indon police chief for abuses on civilians (18 Mar 2013)
West Papua Media Alerts - Ongoing repression on peaceful dissent and acts of torture on civilians by Indonesian police (Polri) in Yapen has drawn a sharp reaction from West Papuan pro-independence guerrillas, who have captured and carried out an arrest of the local Police chief for human rights abuses committed under his watch.

First execution in four years “shocking and regressive” (15 Mar 2013)
Amnesty International - The first execution in Indonesia in more than four years is a shocking and regressive step, Amnesty International said as it urged the government to not follow through on promises to put a further nine people to death in 2013.