Papuans' future an open question after failure of autonomy (4 Sep 2010)
Sydney Morning Herald - A broad consensus is emerging in Indonesia that special autonomy for the country's fractious provinces of Papua and West Papua has failed miserably.

Activists call for talks between Jakarta and Papua (2 Sep 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Activists have described the need for dialogue between the central government and Papuans as “urgent” and “critical” if Jakarta hopes to save the country’s easternmost provinces from potential conflict, stemming from horizontal inequality, and disintegration.

Journalist Murders in Indonesia Attributed to Low Standards (2 Sep 2010) - Journalist associations in Southeast Asia have condemned the recent killings of several reporters in Indonesia. Media analysts, however, say low journalism standards may be partly to blame for the deaths.

National Committee of West Papua Calls for Referendum (1 Sep 2010) - Members of theNational Committee of West Papua (KNPB) staged a demonstration to demand for political freedom on Wednesday (9/1). On this demonstration, the KNPB also urged the United Nations to involve in dispute between Papuan people and the Indonesian Government.

A Small Paradise That Will Be Annihilated: View From Merauke, West Papua (31 Aug 2010)
Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources - The Land of Papua, a land of great riches. Everything in that land is of priceless value. Not only the land itself but the savannahs that stretch for miles, the Kayu Putih (Melalaleuca sp), the peat and the tall, elegant trees in Merauke that cover 1,6 million hectares, full of hope that they will save Indonesia and the whole world from a looming food crisis. But then, what hope is there that anything will be left for the children and grandchildren of the owners of this land? Will all this be consumed by the people who come here just to collect those rocks that are full of hope?