DAP Hubula area office torched in Wamena (31 Aug 2010)
Intercontinental Cry Underreported Struggles - Attackers have burned down DAP’s (Dewan Adat Papua – Papuan Customary Council) Hubula area office on the outskirts of Wamena in West Papua’s Central Highlands. Coming days before a public event planned there and amidst a state campaign of intimidation against DAP, the attack is believed to have been coordinated by Indonesian military and police intelligence and adds to the climate of repression facing West Papuan activists.

Uranium exploration could harm indigenous population (31 Aug 2010)
JUBI - The chairman of the Papuan Customary Council (DAP), Forkorus Yoboisembut is concerned that the explorations into uranium now being conducted by Freeport in the Timika region are failing to take the interests of the indigenous people into account and could result in having a negative impact on their welfare.

Engage Papua Now to Avoid Trouble Later: Experts (30 Aug 2010)
Jakarta Globe - The government must rethink its relationship with Papua as soon as possible if it wants to avoid further civil violence and more adamant calls for independence, activists and social scientists have said.

Norwegian cancellation of investment in Malaysian loggers highlights need for review of wider investments in deforestation operations (27 Aug 2010)
The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) - EIA commends Norway’s divestment of its pension fund’s shares in Malaysian loggers Samling Global this week, but calls for a more comprehensive review of the fund's wider investments of over $400 million in other controversial forestry and plantation companies.

Telling the story of Indonesian Catholics (26 Aug 2010) - The Third Grand Synod of the Indonesian Catholic Church, scheduled for Nov. 1-5 in Bogor, West Java, will use a narrative or story-telling approach previously used by the Asian Mission Congress in 2006, says one of its chief organizers.