Indonesia and the challenge of Papuan separatism (26 Aug 2010)
Kerry B. Collison Blog - Papuan separatism seems to be surfacing and if Jakarta continues to neglect Papuans’ demands, the struggle is likely to worsen, at great cost of life to both Papuans and Indonesians as a whole, and where the international community, with stakes in Papua and Indonesia, will also be affected. Not only will Indonesia’s democracy but more importantly the very idea of Indonesia as a unitary state will probably be under stress and test.

Journalists boycott Papua Police news (24 Aug 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Scores of journalists in Jayapura have agreed to boycott any news related to the Papua Police in protest to the absence of investigation on the mysterious death of a Merauke journalist, Ardiansyah Matrais.

Population growth ‘good for Papua’ (23 Aug 2010)
The Jakarta Post - In the past decade, the combined population of Papua and West Papua has grown 64 percent, making them the provinces with the fastest population growth in Indonesia. “In the case of Papua, this is actually a good sign as the population density there is still low and migration will bring knowledge spillover to local residents.”

Indonesian Executives Held Over Illegal Logging (20 Aug 2010)
Jakarta Globe - Three logging company executives and a forestry department official are among 10 people arrested and charged with illegal logging. “All 10 were last week named suspects for using fake documents to carry out logging in Sorong [in Papua].”

Churches demand probe of shooting incidents (18 Aug 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Local church leaders have called for an independent investigation of a series of church shootings in Puncak Jaya, Papua, that started in 2004. “An independent team must be set up to investigate what actually happened and who was behind the incidents. The shootings have been taking place for the past six years,” Rev. Socrates Sofyan Yoman told reporters in Jayapura.