Blood in the Sweet Potato Garden (18 Aug 2010)
Tempo Magazine - It is suspected that the Free Papua activist died from police torture. The video of his arrest is posted on the Internet. Over the last few days Kalasum Ladari’s house at Serui, Yapen Waropen Islands, Papua, was constantly visited by unknown individuals. “They threatened Kalasum so that she would not talk too much,” said Aston Situmorang, the activist who accompanied Kalasum’s family.

Open Letter to President of Indonesia on Papuan Political Prisoners (16 Aug 2010)
Asian Human Rights Commission - As Indonesia's National Day on 17 August approaches, we the undersigned non-governmental organizations engaged in the defense of human rights in Indonesia are deeply concerned that dozens of Papuans are incarcerated in prisons in Papua and West Papua simply for having been involved in non-violent demonstrations or expressions of opinion.

Why Jakarta Needs to Pay More Attention to Papua (16 Aug 2010)
TIME - Rising tensions in Papua have Indonesian authorities worried about possible international intervention in the nation's easternmost province, reports the head of a government-funded study on how to solve the simmering conflict in the restive territory. "The government is afraid that dialogue [between Jakarta and Papua] will invite the intervention of a third party and affect the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia," says Muridan Widjojo, lead researcher of the "Papua Road Map,"

Indonesia increases special autonomy funds for Papua, West Papua, Aceh (16 Aug 2010)
Tempo Interaktif - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced an increase of special autonomy and regional funds allocated to Papua, West Papua and Aceh for 2011.

More Serious Government Attention Needed to Curb HIV/AIDS in Papua (15 Aug 2010)
Jakarta Globe - A legislator has called on the government to be more serious in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Indonesian province of Papua.