'Roadmap' Proposed to Help Bring Peace to Indonesia's Papua Province (13 Aug 2010)
Voice of America - The political conflict in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua is growing increasingly violent. Policy researchers and civic groups say the only way to improve the situation is for Papuans to talk with the central government.

Life is an everyday tragedy for Papuans (13 Aug 2010)
The Sydney Morning Herald - While Indonesia's continued economic growth, democratisation and peace in Aceh have been praised by the international community, ongoing grievances in its eastern most provinces of Papua and West Papua remain a tragic reminder of its violent past.

Economic marginalization fuelling conflict in Papua (13 Aug 2010)
IRIN - Economic marginalization of the indigenous population in Indonesia's easternmost Papua region is fuelling conflict, experts and activists warn.

Massive Papua Food Estate to Serve As Nation’s Bread Basket Launched (11 Aug 2010)
Jakarta Globe - Indonesia on Wednesday launched a giant project to create a $5 billion agricultural estate spanning three districts in Papua. The Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate program is the latest attempt by the government to gain self-sufficiency in food production, with a longer-term goal of someday becoming a food-exporting nation.

Journalist's death overshadows launch of Papua food project (11 Aug 2010)
TAPOL and DTE - The death of a local journalist has increased concerns about a giant food estate launched in Merauke, Southeastern Papua by Indonesia's Minister of Agriculture.