Indonesia tries to gag Papuan lecture (11 Aug 2010)
The Age - Indonesian officials have tried to put a stop to a public lecture in Melbourne tonight to discuss the troubled province of West Papua.

Indonesia: Free ‘Balloon Activists’ in Ambon (10 Aug 2010)
Human Rights Watch - The Indonesian authorities should immediately release the activists for Moluccan independence arrested in Ambon at the beginning of August 2010, Human Rights Watch said today. The activists were allegedly planning to float banned Moluccan independence flags attached to balloons to protest an August 3 visit by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

‘Smooth’ start for polls in Merauke, Asmat (10 Aug 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Voters in Merauke and Asmat went to the polls Monday as the two regencies held the first two of 23 local elections scheduled for 2010 in Papua.

U.S. aims clear in embrace of Jakarta (10 Aug 2010)
The Australian - THE US decision to upgrade its security relationship with Indonesia is another sign of a strategic shift in its policy towards the region. The US is looking to broaden and deepen its relationships in Asia in order to share the burden of hedging against China's growth.

Resentful Papua: Turning pebbles into boulders (9 Aug 2010)
The Economist - Slowly but surely, Papua is emerging as a serious international problem for the otherwise well-liked Indonesian administration of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The latest report on the region by the International Crisis Group (ICG), a think-tank, shows how the government’s own missteps are escalating tensions, which, in turn, will draw increasing foreign attention.