UK Government supports the UP4B and freedom of expression in Papua (8 Mar 2013)
Bintang Papua - The Director of the Asia-Pacific Directorate of Foreign Office, Peter Wilson, has responded positively to the creation of UP4B, the Unit for the Acceleration of Development in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Indonesia’s New Criminal Code Outlaws Adultery, Cohabiting Couples, Dark Magic (7 Mar 2013)
Jakarta Globe - Indonesia’s revision of its outdated Criminal Code includes proposed sanctions against cheating spouses, cohabiting couples and sorcerers accused of performing black magic.

Central government is allowing the violence in Papua to continue (7 Mar 2013)
Bintang Papua - Speaking at a press conference in Jayapura, the chairman of the Alliance of Baptists Churches in Papua, Socratez Sofyan Yoman, said he was concerned about the fact that the central government is doing nothing to stop all the acts of violence that continue to occur in the Land of Papua, leading to the loss of many lives among the indigenous Papuan people for political reasons.'

Officer responsible for torturing 20 prisoners in Abepura is removed from office but criminal proceedings are yet to take place (6 Mar 2013)
AHRC - The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information regarding the case on torture of 20 prisoners at Abepura Correctional Facility, Papua. After intervention from various human rights groups on the case, the Head of the correctional facility who was responsible for the torture was removed from his office earlier this month. However, as of today, no information has been received regarding criminal proceedings against him.

Press Release by KINGMI Church and Papuan Alliance of Baptist Churches (6 Mar 2013)
Press Release by KINGMI Church and Papuan Alliance of Baptist Churches - As leaders of churches in the Land of Papua, we are deeply concerned about the state violence which is occurring in our sacred motherland. This is clear proof of the fact that the government and the security forces have failed to provide protection for the indigenous Papua people.