New antiterrorism agency feared may be draconian (2 Aug 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Human rights activists and a lawmaker have voiced concerns over the new antiterrorism agency, saying the agency may hold too much power that could mimic the way the authoritarian New Order regime quashed citizens it found too critical of government.

Govt to evaluate special autonomy for Papua (1 Aug 2010)
The Jakarta Post - After a decade of implementation, the central government plans to thoroughly evaluate the special autonomy for Papua next year, an official says. Director of regional administration and special autonomy at the Home Affairs Ministry, Sumarsono, said the central and Papua governments would determine parameters of the review.

Video: US-Jakarta ties 'threat to Papua' (31 Jul 2010) - Around 200 people raised the Morning Star flag in Indonesia's Papua province in December 2001, in a symbolic move to mark the Papuan independence campaign that has been pursued since 1962. Filep Karma was arrested at that ceremony and jailed 15 years for flying the outlawed Papua flag. And he warns, in a secretly recorded interview with Al Jazeera, that the decision to renew military co-operation between the US and Indonesia could have dangerous consequences for the Papuan people. Step Vaessen reports.

Papua political prisoner finally given surgery (31 Jul 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Felip Karma, a high-profile prisoner sentenced to 15 years' jail for raising a banned flag in Indonesia's Papua province returned to prison Saturday after surgery for a potentially life-threatening prostate ailment that had been denied for nearly a year.

Questions and answers in the Dutch Parliament on the situation of political prisoners in Indonesia (30 Jul 2010)
Directie Aziƫ en Oceaniƫ, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken - On June 30th Member of parliament Mr. van Bommel asked questions concerning the political prisoners in Indonesia. His questions were directed to the Dutch ministers of internal affairs and of foreign affairs. On July 30th, these questions are answered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Verhagen.