Govt criticized over spread of HIV in Papua, Maluku (28 Jul 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Indonesian seafarers have lambasted the government for its failure to control the operation of foreign fishing vessels, which it said has contributed to an increase in cases of HIV/AIDS in the country’s eastern regions of Papua and Maluku.

US-Indonesia military ties spark outrage (27 Jul 2010)
UCANews - Jakarta human rights groups have criticized the lifting of a US ban on military cooperation with Indonesian special forces troops.

Political crisis in Papua (27 Jul 2010)
The Jakarta Post - As Papua is far from the Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta, the central government might not follow closely the political situation in Papua. Or the government perhaps is not getting the full picture about the present political development in the Western half of the Island of New Guinea.

Military’s involvement in terror agency dangerous, ICG warns (27 Jul 2010)
The Jakarta Post & International Crisis Group - The International Crisis Group (ICG) warned on Monday of possible dangers of military involvement in the newly established National Anti-Terror Agency (BNPT). ICG director for Southeast Asia Sidney Jones said the danger stemmed from the possibility of “increased competition between the Indonesian Military (TNI) and the police over terrorism in the agency”.

ICJ ruling `could inspire RI separatists' (27 Jul 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Indonesia's territorial sovereignty could be under threat, following a recent ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which found that Kosovo's unilateral secession from Serbia did not violate international law, legislators say.