Papuans Behind Bars - January 2013 (28 Feb 2013)
Papuans Behind Bars is a new project about political prisoners in West Papua. Our aim is to provide accurate and transparent data, published in English and Indonesian, to facilitate direct support for prisoners and promote wider debate and campaigning in support of free expression in West Papua. Papuans Behind Bars is a collective project initiated by Papuan civil society groups working together as the Civil Society Coalition to Uphold Law and Human Rights in Papua. It is a grassroots initiative and represents a broad collaboration between lawyers, human rights groups, adat groups, activists, journalists and individuals in West Papua, Jakarta-based NGOs and international solidarity groups.

Thousands flee in fear of heavy civilian casualties as TNI begin Highlands reprisal offensive (28 Feb 2013)
West Papua Media Alerts - Major Reprisals begin with house to house searches, village and church burnings in Tingginambut by Indonesian Security Forces after TPN shoot dead 8 Indonesian special forces soldiers.

Call to pull special forces out of Papua (27 Feb 2013)
Jakarta Post - The Regional Representatives Council (DPD) has strongly urged the government to cease military operations and withdraw special forces from Papua and West Papua to end the prolonged violence in the country’s easternmost provinces.

Komnas HAM Commissioner Apologizes to the Indonesian Military (27 Feb 2013)
Jakarta Post - A member of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) has officially apologized to the Indonesian Military (TNI) for a controversial remark he made about the recent killing of eight military officers in Puncak Jaya, Papua.

Urgent Action: Two men detained, feared tortured in Papua (22 Feb 2013)
Amnesty International - Two Indonesian men now arbitrarily detained in Jayapura, Papua province, are believed to have been tortured or otherwise ill-treated by police.