Ethno-nationalism in the crosshairs of anti-terrorism force (3 Jul 2010)
The Straits Times (Singapore) - Readying for a protracted struggle against Islamic militants, the Indonesian government plans a restructuring of the US-trained Detachment 88 counter-terrorism force. The changes will turn the unit into a separate directorate but they will also, worryingly, make 'ethno-nationalism' a secondary target.

West Papua Report, July 2010 (1 Jul 2010)
West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT) - This is the 74th in a series of monthly reports that focus on developments affecting Papuans. This series is produced by the non-profit West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT). Contents: • Andreas Harsono Wins 2010 John Rumbiak Human Rights Defenders Award; • Security Force Operations in Puncak Jaya Escalate; • Papuan Peoples Council Rejects Special Autonomy, Calls for Referendum on Papuans' Future; • New Human Rights Watch Report on Political Prisoners Indicates No Progress Since 2007 UN Report; • Papuans Continue to Resist Merauke Food Estate Plan; • Kopassus in West Papua; • Vanuatu Steps Forward to Support Papuan Political Rights; • Earthquake Causes Serious Damage in Yapen Island; • Racism Infects Perspective of Some Indonesians Regarding Papuans.

Who’s to blame for Papua’s tragedy? (1 Jul 2010)
Inside Indonesia - Who’s to blame for Papua’s tragedy? Book review: Dutch decision in 1949 had huge consequences. The Papuan story is a familiar tragedy. This book tells it in such impressive historical detail that it will probably long remain the standard reference.

Questions in the Dutch Parliament based on latest publication by Human Rights Watch (30 Jun 2010)
SP Netherlands - Member of parliament Mr. van Bommel asks questions concerning the political prisoners in Indonesia. His questions are directed to the Dutch ministers of internal affairs and of foreign affairs. (in Dutch).

EU Should Press for Progress on Rights (27 Jun 2010)
Human Rights Watch - The European Union should urge reforms in the Indonesian government’s laws, policies, and practices on human rights during a bilateral meeting on human rights on June 29, 2010, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to the EU released today. The EU-Indonesia Human Rights Dialogue, which will take place in Jakarta, is the first of what will be an annual inter-governmental meeting on issues related to human rights, democratic principles, and the rule of law in Indonesia.