Free Papua Not Supported by European Union (18 May 2010)
VIVAnews - None of the countries in the European Union supports the Papuan independence. On the contrary, the EU stands behind the implementation of the special autonomy in the easternmost province of Indonesia.

Papuan students protest at racist remark (18 May 2010)
The Jakarta Post - About 100 Papuan students, grouped under the Papuan Students Solidarity against Racism in Indonesia, rallied outside the West Java provincial government office on Tuesday to protest at a racist remark recently posted by a Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) student on his Facebook account.

Papuan political prisoners: Why are we forbidden to speak? (18 May 2010)
Kompas - Attention and concern. Something ordinary people hope for from their leaders. Such hopes were clearly apparent when Justice and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar visited the Abepura Penitentiary in Papua on Saturday May 15.

David Cameron becomes hero of Papuan tribes (17 May 2010)
Telegraph UK - David Cameron’s elevation to Prime Minister is being celebrated by tribespeople in West Papua who have pinned their hopes on him helping their campaign for independence from Indonesia.

Indonesian security forces kill rebel suspect in Papua (17 May 2010)
EarthTimes - Indonesian security forces shot dead a separatist rebel during a raid Monday in the country's easternmost province of Papua, a state media report said.