Building Papua from within (25 Apr 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Despite the lingering image of the people of Papua being "backward", the land of the bird of paradise has always attracted various circles. Is it just the "backwardness" that has been a magnet for outsiders? If your answer is yes, then the next question is why? Papua is not the only poor region in Indonesia. What makes Papua unique?

Portraying a threat for a reluctant government (25 Apr 2010)
Budi Hernawan OFM - It might have simply been a coincidence that 22 members of KNPB (the West Papua National Committee) were arrested by the Papuan police during a peaceful demonstration only 11 days after the International Crisis Group (ICG) released its report on the situation in Papua (no. 188) on 11 March 2010. The announcement by the Indonesian Military (TNI) of a plan to deploy four additional infantry battalions to Papua 2 weeks after the publication of the ICG report may also be coincidental. However, it is unquestionable that the report has prompted a flurry of commentary and debate.

Still searching for Papua's sunlit uplands (23 Apr 2010)
The Economist - Indonesia, though still a young democracy, is admirably open about most of its affairs. The exception is Papua. The security apparatus ensures that the country's easternmost province remains a closed book. In Jakarta, foreigners—and journalists above all—are turned away before they can board the six-hour flight.

Papua: The Elusive Dialogue (23 Apr 2010) - An initiative to address the complex conflicts in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua seeks to learn from past failure by extending the understanding of dialogue, says Charles Reading.

Political Prisoner ‘Denied Proper Health Treatment’ (22 Apr 2010)
Jakarta Globe - Papuan political prisoner Filep Karma suffered for eight months with a bladder infection but in that time the only help he received was to be told by prison officers to lift his legs to ease the pain, human rights activists said on Thursday.