Police hit by arrows in village clash (16 Apr 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Three police officers were injured when they attempted to break up clashing villagers in Timika, Papua, on Thursday.

Police detain 25 residents of Papua village amidst tension (16 Apr 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Mimika Police have detained 25 residents of Kwamki Lama village in Timika regency, Papua, during sweeping raids as tension rises following false rumor that a man died of fatal arrow injuries.

SBY, Obama Could be Partners for Peace (14 Apr 2010)
Jakarta Globe - US President Barack Obama’s forthcoming trip to Indonesia is an opportunity to congratulate President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for the considerable success he has had as a peacebuilder. He was a worthy Nobel Peace Prize nominee for his contribution to peace in Aceh, and made admirable contributions to building peace in Ambon and Poso, among other places. Unfortunately, he could never be a worthy Nobel winner because of the situation in West Papua. Obama’s visit is also an opportunity to confront the failure to grasp the need for peacebuilding in Papua.

Education ‘key to progress in Papua’ (13 Apr 2010)
UCANews - Native Papuans say that education of their people should address the shortage of skills that has hampered development in the province.

Papua 'ready to explode' (11 Apr 2010)
The Age - West Papua risks erupting in bloodshed, with huge loss of life and disastrous consequences for Indonesia and Australia, a new book warns. The book, by respected Australian academics, says Indonesian and international leadership is essential to avert catastrophe and end almost 50 years of conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.