Papua - Children from seven tribes `still malnourished' (9 Apr 2010)
The Jakarta Post - An event was held recently in conjunction with the Provision of Food Supplement to Schoolchildren (PMTAS), aimed in particular at children from the seven tribes in Timika regency. Despite the wealth of resources, the children of these seven tribes are categorized as malnourished. This condition is a stumbling block in their education.

Amnesty International USA opposes US ties to Indonesian “Kopassus” unit (8 Apr 2010)
Amnesty International USA - Amnesty International USA opposes renewing US military training and other ties to a particular branch of the Indonesian military, Kopassus, a “special forces” unit tied to many unprosecuted serious crimes.

Papuan officials plead for cultural awareness (8 Apr 2010) - Papua born officials say the development of people in the provinces should be based on local culture.“Basically, human resource development in Papua must be based on its cultural uniqueness and characteristics,” said Indonesian transport minister Freddy Numberi.

Fostering Impunity - President promotes human rights criminal as deputy defense minister (8 Apr 2010)
Asian Human Rights Commission - On 6 January Lt. Gen. Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin was appointed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to the position of deputy defence minister. Sjarfie was the Jakarta military commander during the last years of Surhato’s rule in 1997 and is widely believed to be responsible for the still unexplained forced disappearances of 23 student activists.

Jakarta's plan for farm in jungle unsettles Papuans (3 Apr 2010)
The Sydney Morning Herald - The Indonesian government plans to create a vast agricultural estate in the restive province of Papua, sparking fears of environmental destruction and a return of mass migration policies that have done much to antagonise the indigenous population.