Joint statement rejecting US military training of Kopassus (18 Mar 2010)
IKOHI, KontraS, Imparsial, ELHAM - Four of Indonesia's leading human rights organisations have issued a Joint Statement today rejecting US military training for members of Kopassus.

INDONESIA: Censorship of books, movies and internet use blocks discussions on impunity (16 Mar 2010)
Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) - The banning of books by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) and the withdrawal of movies by the Film Censorship Board (LSF) in the name of public order and state unity are unacceptable, as they contribute to the culture of impunity in Indonesia and are a serious attack on the freedom of expression.

OPM military wing calls for UN-mediated dialogue (15 Mar 2010)
The Jakarta Post - The military wing of the separatist Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) said it welcomed dialogue with Jakarta as long as an international organization, preferably the UN, acted as the mediator.

US’s Kopassus Ban May Lead Indonesian Military to Look Elsewhere (14 Mar 2010)
The Jakarta Globe - If the United States does not lift its ban on cooperation with the Army’s Special Forces, the Indonesian military says it will simply establish ties with other nations. While acknowledging the “problems” the United States had with the elite unit, also known as Kopassus, military spokesman Air Vice Marshal Sagom Tamboen on Sunday said that cooperation between the two nations’ militaries was generally positive.

Komnas HAM Dismisses US Praise for Human Rights Progress (12 Mar 2010)
The Jakarta Globe - The National Commission on Human Rights has dismissed a US report as “too optimistic”. The report was released on Thursday (March 11th) and praised Indonesia’s progress in protecting human rights last year.