Growing pressure for Dialogue between Jakarta and Papua (22 Jan 2010)
Bintang Papua - Against the background of the adoption of Special Autonomy for Papua, there is growing support for seeing dialogue as the only solution to the conflict in Papua.

Provincial governor calls for dialogue (22 Jan 2010)
Bintang Papua - The governor of Papua, Barnabas Suebu has spoken about the need for dialogue as the way to reduce the level of conflict that continues to occur in the region.

Support the Calls for Dialogue (21 Jan 2010)
Kompas News & Antara News - A strong desire for peaceful dialogue to resolve the long standing issue of West Papua has emerged in the last a year since two books were published. Both books have addressed in a comprehensive manner those key issues that dealt with the political and social issues that affected the life of the people of West Papua. Moreover, the book went on and then described in detail about how and why peaceful dialogue should be done.

Govt ignores upholding human rights in Papua (20 Jan 2010)
The Jakarta Post - The Human Rights Commission considers the government ignored upholding human rights in Papua in 2009. Matius Murib from the commission’s Papuan branch said criminalization of Papuan civilians had escalated significantly, with security forces discrediting anyone suspected of being a member of a separatist group.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2010: Abusers Target Human Rights Messengers (20 Jan 2010)
Human Rights Watch - Rights-Respecting Governments Should Speak Up to Protect Defenders. Governments responsible for serious human rights violations have over the past year intensified attacks against human rights defenders and organizations that document abuse, Human Rights Watch said today in issuing its World Report 2010.