Indonesia appoints new military commander to West Papua and Papua (19 Jan 2010)
Radio New Zealand International - Indonesia’s military has appointed a former Kopassus special forces officer, Major General Hotma Marbun, as the new military commander of West Papua and Papua provinces. It comes as the Free Papua Movement, or the OPM, has appointed a new Commander (Jeck Kemong) of its own military wing to replace Kelly Kwalik who was shot dead by Indonesian police last month.

Investing in the Future of Papua and West Papua: Infrastructure for Sustainable Development (18 Jan 2010)
The Worldbank published a report in cooperation with Australian Indonesia Partnership. This report covers their views on and involvement in sustainable development in Papua. It provides what the authors hope is useful guidance on the principles that development in Papua and West Papua must adhere to if it is to be economically, environmentally, culturally and physically sustainable.

Indonesian Govt Gives Green Thumb-Up To Plant Papua ‘Food Estate’ (17 Jan 2010)
The government has finalized plans and is ready to move ahead with the country’s first integrated food production zone in Merauke, Papua, a minister told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday.

The Papua dilemma - Personal reflections on an ongoing challenge (17 Jan 2010)
Jakarta must give greater attention and care to Papua. And the international community should be ready, willing and able to support the development of this region. Looking back, the ‘event to remember’ for Indonesia was 1963 when the UN returned the sovereignty of Irian Jaya to Indonesia. We must not squander this opportunity.

Negotiating the past and looking to the future (12 Jan 2010)
History is one of the main sources of conflict in Papua. The Act of Free Choice in 1969 remains the subject of dispute, both because of the way it was carried out and because of its outcome.