Demonstrators in Papua call for release of Buchtar Tabuni (17 Sep 2009)
Cenderawasih Post- A demonstration took place in Abepura and outside the district court in Jayapura on Wednesday calling on the court to review the sentences passed against Buchtar Tabuni and Sebby Sembom (both serving prison terms for demonstrating in support of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua set up in London last October).

INDONESIA: 113 villagers' hunger deaths (16 Sep 2009)
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from human rights groups working in Yahukimo that since January 2009 till now approximately 113 villagers in Yahukimo, Papua, died of hunger associated with diseases.

Dialogue vital to solve Papua conflicts: Rights activists (14 Sep 2009)
Jakarta Post- Human right activists are urging the government to initiate a dialogue with representatives of various groups in Papua to find a peaceful solution to violence and separatism in the resources-rich province.

Not Just Another Disaster: Papuan claims of genocide deserve to be taken seriously (14 Sep 2009)
Inside Indonesia presents the first of two different views on the question of demographic change in Indonesian Papua. For many years, critics - both inside and outside Papua - have accused the Indonesian government of pursuing genocidal policies in the territory, in part by swamping it with migrants from other parts of Indonesia.

A Disaster, But Not Genocide| Migration has caused many problems in Papua (14 Sep 2009)
In the second of two pieces on demographic change in Indonesian Papua, Inside Indonesia here presents an analysis by Stuart Upton that suggests - in contrast to the first piece written by Jim Elmslie -there is little hard evidence to support claims of genocide in Papua.