INDONESIA: Military Elections? (9 Jul 2009)
Indonesia's Presidential election goes into its first round on July 8, 2009. This second election process in Post-Suharto Indonesia is an important step in the countries short democratic history, yet it remains flawed with shadows of the countries past military rule. Two of the three presidential candidates have made a very careless choice by nominating former military leaders from the Suharto regime to run as their vice presidential running mates.

West Papua Report July 2009 (7 Jul 2009)
Contents * The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network and Its National Coordinator John M. Miller Are Awarded the John Rumbiak Human Rights Defender Award for 2009 * Concerns about security sweep in Puncak Jaya, West Papua * A Security Force "Sweep" Operation in Papuan Central Highlands Causes Deaths and Mass Displacement of Civilians * U.S. House of Representatives Supports Call for President Obama and State Department to Report on Conditions in West Papua, But Sponsor Pulls Language at Last Minute * Human Rights Watch Reports on Prisoner Abuse in West Papua * Human Right Watch Also Report on Indonesian Military Special Forces Human Rights Abuse in West Papua| Appeals for End to Foreign Military Training of the Force * Freeport Shareholders Fail in Effort to Put Environmental Expert on Freeport Board * Indonesia President Yudhoyono Covered Up Ambush Murder of U.S. Citizens * The Papuan-African Connection (an historical essay) * Indonesian Academics Echo Papuan Calls for A Papuan-Jakarta Dialogue

West Papuan guilty of "provocation' jailed for three years (7 Jul 2009)
The Southeast Asian Times - West Papuan Bucthar Tabuni has been jailed for three years for "provocation" after three judges found him not guilty of treason during a pro-independence rally in Jayapura last October.

Clash in Kapeso leaves four Papuans dead (7 Jul 2009)
This clash between forces with very disparate equipment resulted in the deaths of three Papuans, while eighteen followers of Decky escaped.

The Republic of Indonesia's Police Annual Performance Evaluation on the 63rd Bhayangkara day (anniversary) (7 Jul 2009)
On this 63rd Bhayangkara day, we as the NGO Network involve in the Police Sector Reform welcomed and appreciated Head of Police Bambang Hendarso Danuri initiative that had just issued a regulation on Principle Implementation and standard of Human Rights in conducting Republic of Indonesia's Police function.