The Four Problems and Solutions regarding Papua (30 Jun 2009)
Kompas - The Papuan problem has never been resolved. Fears about the secession of the province have been ever present. 'But we need to understand the freedom that they are calling for.

Police Blame 'Bad Judgement Call' After Opening Fire on Papuans, Killing One (30 Jun 2009)
Jakarta Globe - At least one person was killed and three others injured when police mistakenly opened fire on a group of armed Papuans outside a police post in Paniai district, a local police spokesman said on Tuesday.

Editorial: The Human Rights Agenda (29 Jun 2009)
The Jakarta Post - The release of two separate human rights reports in the past weeks could not be timelier given the fact that Indonesians will vote for their next president next week.

TAPOL calls on British Government to suspend Kopassus training (29 Jun 2009)
TAPOL has today called on the British Government to suspend its plan to conduct training for Kopassus, Indonesia's special forces, in October this year in view of reports of abuses perpetrated by members of the force in Merauke, province of Papua.

Call For Legal Action AgainstTrigger-Happy Soldier in Papua (25 Jun 2009)
Antara - The military ranger who reportedly shot a Papua teenager, Isak Psakor (13), near the Papua New Guinea (PNG) border causing the boy to suffer serious injury should be prosecuted legally based on existing laws in Indonesia.