Minister Admits Chaos in Prisons (8 Jun 2009)
The Jakarta Globe - Despite an ongoing reform program, Justice and Human Rights Minister Andi Matalatta openly acknowledged on Sunday that the country's prisons were plagued by corruption, drug abuse and trafficking, and human rights violations by both guards and inmates.

Papua Prison Said To Torture Prisoners (6 Jun 2009)
Jakarta Globe - US-based Human Rights Watch on Friday called on Indonesia to look into the reported torture and abuse of prisoners in a jail in the province of Papua.

Papua Official Sounds Warning on Illegal Logging, but Trees Keep Falling (6 Jun 2009)
Jakarta Globe - Papua Deputy Governor Alex Hasegem said illegal logging in the province had reached alarming levels and that the police needed to act against those responsible.

Torture 'rampant' in jail (5 Jun 2009)
Straits Times - TORTURE and abuse of prisoners in a jail in Indonesia's sensitive Papua region is 'rampant' and should be investigated, US-based Human Rights Watch said on Friday.

RKK Radio station "Andersdenkenden" (Thinking otherwise) (5 Jun 2009)
Nicolaas Jouwe recently returned to his native Papua after more than 40 years in exile in The Netherlands. While in Indonesia, he held conversations with President Yudhoyono and several senior ministers concerning the situation in Papua.