Papua Police Send Elite Squad to Mamberamo (20 May 2009)
TEMPO Interactive - Papua police said on Tuesday (19/5) personnels from its elite squad have been sent to Mamberamo raya regency after a number members of Free Papua Organisation seized a village in the regency demanding their detained friends to be released.

Police allege OPM have occupied airfield (20 May 2009)
Kompas - For two days, members of the OPM have been occupying the airfield at Mamberamoraya.

Suspected Separatists Take Papua Air Strip (20 May 2009)
Jakarta Globe - Jayapura. Papua Police Chief Insp. Gen. Bagus Ekodanto said on Tuesday that suspected separatists had occupied an airport in the isolated village of Kasepo, Mambramo Raya, some 300 kilometers from the provincial capital Jayapura.

Plantation companies in conflict with villagers (19 May 2009)
The Jakarta Post - The palm oil industry has sparked controversy over environmental issues, as well as concerns over security.

Palm oil firms 'taking away' locals' income (19 May 2009)
The Jakarta Post - While a handful of oil palm plantations are raking in a fortune from their activities, many villagers are reeling at the loss of the source of much of their livelihoods.