Police warn papua airport blockers (19 May 2009)
The Jakarta Post - Papua Police have continued attempts to negotiate with dozens of local residents who have been blocking entry to a small airport in Kapeso district in Mamberamo Raya regency since Sunday.

Buchtar Tabuni Trial Continues with request that B (18 May 2009)
The tenth hearing in the subversion trial of Buchtar Tabuni took place in Jayapura on 13 May, for ths purpose of hearing testimony from mitigating witnesses called by the defence lawyers.

Trial of Sebby Sambum begins (18 May 2009)
Sebby Sambum, 34, went on trial in Jayapura on 6 May. He is facing similar charges to those against Buchtar Tabuni, namely the charge of subversion for his involvement in a peaceful event in Jayapura to welcome the launch of the IPWP in London last October.

Sebby Sambom isolated like a terrorist (18 May 2009)
Besides Buchtar Tabuni, another Papuan has been charged with subversion.

Papua police on alert ahead of presidential electi (15 May 2009)
Jakarta Post - Papuan police have increased security measures ahead of the upcoming presidential elections to ensure against any possible disruption to the nationwide vote by armed groups.