Stop Being Afraid of Dialogue between Indonesia and Papua (4 Jul 2013)
Bintang Papua - Jayapura: The Dutch Government has been urged to support the idea of dialogue between Jakarta and Papua to resolve the problem of Papua, as has been suggested by the Papuan Peace Network.

Papuans Behind Bars: June Update (4 Jul 2013)
Papuans behind Bars - At the end of June 2013 there were at least 57 political prisoners in Papuan jails. There were four new arrests this month, all of whom have been released without charge. Reports from local human rights sources have revealed new details regarding the arrests of four further political prisoners who are already in jail, who were either previously undocumented or little were known about. Many of these reports shed light on the brutal torture inflicted on political prisoners by security forces. 23 releases have been reported, including those of the six KNPB activists in the Timika explosives case and 11 of the 16 arrested in the case of the Timika 1 May commemoration.

Groups Urge Justice on 15th Anniversary of Biak (West Papua) Massacre (4 Jul 2013)
ETAN / WPAT - Saturday, July 6, is the 15th anniversary of one of the worst massacres in Indonesia's post-Suharto history. On that day in 1998, members of the Indonesian military ruthlessly gunned down peaceful pro-independence demonstrators on the island Biak in West Papua. Like so many massacres in Indonesia, the exact number of those killed is unknown.

Child Dies in TNI-OPM Shootout (3 Jul 2013)
Tempo.Co - A twelve-year old girl from Tion City, Papua died in a shootout between the joint-forces of Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the National Police (Polri) and the National Defense Army of the Free Papua Movement on Monday afternoon, July 1.

Nabire: Brimob Assaults a Civilian Due to Wage Demands (28 Jun 2013)
West Papua Media Alerts - by Oktavianus Pogau at - On 26 June 2013, Titua Money, a traditional landowner of Kampung Warmi, Yaur District, Nabire Region, Papua was violated by 3 members of the Mobile Police Brigade of Papua district. Titus was assaulted due because he protested against PT. Nabire Baru, an oil palm plantation regarding a delay in the payment of his wages.