Indonesian Papuans protest over police shooting (6 May 2009)
AFP - About 1,000 residents of a town near the main airport of Indonesia's remote Papua province took to the streets Wednesday in protest over a man shot dead by police.

Imparsial Criticizes Prabowo and Wiranto's Nomination in Presidential Election (6 May 2009)
The Jakarta Post [web site] - With the presidential election coming up in two months' time, non-governmental organization on human rights issues Imparsial criticizes yet again the candidacies of two former military heavyweights Prabowo Subianto and Wiranto in the election.

Army commences questioning over Papua military riot (1 May 2009)
The Jakarta Post [web site] - Cendrawasih Papua Military Police has begun questioning soldiers of Sentani army base in Jayapura, Papua, who were involved in a violent protest on Wednesday.

Angry Soldiers Run Riot in Papua (30 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Globe - Jayapura. Hundreds of soldiers went after senior officers on Wednesday and damaged their battalion headquarters in Papua after the family of a deceased soldier was told to pay half the cost of flying his body home.

Raging soldiers put Papua in red alert (29 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Post - The Jayapura, Papua army base erupted with rage Wednesday as Battalion 751 Sentani soldiers violently protested what they called the theft of their money.