The stigma makes us feel we're not part of Indonesia (26 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Post - Papuan Tineke Rumkabu, along with activists and relatives of human rights victims, met Argentinean human rights icons Lidya Taty Almeida and Aurora Morea of Les Madres de la Plaza de Mayo last week.

ICRC Papua Branch Office Was Illegal, Ministry Says (25 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Globe - The government suggested on Friday that the International Committee of the Red Cross was operating in Papua illegally because the agreements governing its operations in the country did not cover the troubled province.

Nine Bombs Discovered in Papua Classed As High Explosives, Forensic Police Say (25 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Globe - The National Police's Forensics Laboratory said on Friday that nine homemade bombs suspected to have been placed by separatist rebels at three locations in Papua Province earlier this month contained TNT and ammonium nitrate, which categorized them as high explosives.

Police blame "group" for Papua election attacks (25 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Post - Recent bomb attacks linked to the legislative elections in troubled Papua province may have been orchestrated by a single group, police said Friday.

Indonesia Orders ICRC (Red Cross) Out of Papua Over Jail Visits (23 Apr 2009)
Reuters - Indonesia has ordered the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to leave the politically sensitive Papua region after its officials visited separatists in jail, the foreign ministry said.