West Papuan Political Prisoner is physically abused by Public Prosecutors and Police in Jayapura Courthouse (23 Apr 2009)
Human Rights Report - Indonesian Public Prosecutors have triggered an attack against a Political Prisoner, Buchtar Tabuni, at the Jayapura District Court, 22 April 2009, in Jayapura, West Papua.

US suggests some autonomy for Indonesia's Papua (22 Apr 2009)
Taiwan news - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Indonesia needs to allow "a degree of autonomy" in its Papuaprovince. Clinton said the Obama administration would raise the subject with Indonesia.

Ignorance Obstructs Malaria Eradication (22 Apr 2009)
Jakarta Globe

Climate change lessons from Indonesia (22 Apr 2009)
Press release by AMAN and DTE - The forest management practices of indigenous peoples in Indonesia provides important lessons for world governments about to make crucial decisions on how to deal with climate change.

KPK says state suffer Rp 40 b from graft in Papua (20 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Post [web site] - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) revealed Monday that the state could suffer an estimated Rp 40 billion (US$3.73 million) in losses from the recently uncovered graft case in Papua.