Papuan human rights activist calls on Komnas HAM chairman to resign (5 Dec 2012)
Bintang Papua - The pro-independence human rights activist. Sebby Sambom, in a statement published in Bintang Papua, called on the chairman of Komnas HAM, the National Human Rights Commission, Oto Nur Abdullah to resignThis came in response to a statement by Nur Abdullah which, according to Sebby Sambom, appeared to legitimise military operations in Papua.

Angry Mobs in Papua Set Ablaze Police Stations After Recidivist’s Death (5 Dec 2012)
Jakarta Post - Angry mobs set fire to two police stations, Sanggeng market and Amban, in Manokwari, West Papua, on Wednesday after police shot dead recidivist Tomotius AP as he attempted to escape arrest.

Police shooting of escaped political prisoner sparks Manokwari riots (5 Dec 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - The town of Manokwari in West Papua is in uproar (On Wedenesday, December 5). It is reported that crowds have run amok and have been carrying out acts of arson. A (WPM edit: source believe to be police officer) source for in Manokwari states the riot was triggered as the result of the shooting by police officers of a DPO (Detainee on the political Daftar Pencarian Orang or Wanted persons list)) by the initials TA, who escaped from Prison. on Tuesday.

Local KNPB activist arrested and maltreated (5 Dec 2012)
KNPB News byTapol - Another activist of the KNPB (National Committee of West Papua) has been arrested. This time, it was the secretary-general of the Lanny Jaya branch of the KNPB.

OPM besieges city in Papua (3 Dec 2012)
Jakarta Post - Members of OPM were involved in a one-hour shootout with security personnel in Pirime district, Lanny Jaya regency, Papua, at 6 a.m. on Monday.