two KNPB activistsarrested (4 Apr 2009)
Two activists of The West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Mako Tabuni and Serafin Diaz who have been taking part in various demonstrations were arrested by the police at the Yos Sudarso harbour in Jayapura on Friday 3 April and taken to the criminal unit of the police for interrogation.

The Thinker: Is Security Reform On the Agenda? (3 Apr 2009)
The Jakarta Globe - One of the greater achievements in reformation in the past decade has been keeping the military out of politics.

Major arrest in Papua (3 Apr 2009)
Just few hours ago, the Police of Papua raided the office of the Papuan Customary Council in Waena (about 15 km from Jayapura). They arrested 6 people without any warrant and acknowledged that they found two pistols inside the office.

West Papua - A Neighbour Needs Our Help (3 Apr 2009)
John Minto will be providing Scoop readers with a regular column spanning public interest, political, and activist issues.

Rallies and arrests in West Papua coincide with establishment of 'International lawyer for West Papua' (3 Apr 2009)
Reports from West Papua today indicate that 10,000 people are staging a rally in Nabire, while another rally planned for Wamena is occurring in the grounds of the Efata Church after a joint Police and Military security operation to block that rally.