Dutch Reporters Kicked Out Of Papua (30 Mar 2009)
The Jakarta Globe - The Immigration Department is deporting two Dutch journalists for allegedly misusing their tourist visas by covering a pro-independence rally in Papua Province last week.

Police chief: On high alert for election period, warnsagainst mass meetings in Papua (30 Mar 2009)
Cenderawasih Pos - In anticipation of disturbances during the election campaigning period, the chief of police has announced that starting today, 30 March, the police are on Stage 1 alert in the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Deportation imminent for four Dutch journalists (27 Mar 2009)
The Jakarta Post - The Indonesian government will immediately deport four Dutch journalists who were arrested by immigration authorities for covering rallies in Jayapura, Papua province, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said Thursday.

Indonesia: Release peaceful protesters jailed for raising a flag (26 Mar 2009)
Amnesty International - The Indonesian government has arrested at least 152 people for activities related to the raising of flags symbolizing regional independence over the past two years as part of a crackdown in areas with a history of separatist movements, Amnesty International revealed in a report released today.

The trial of Buchtar Tabuni continued on Wednesday (26 Mar 2009)
Cenderawasih Pos - Five witnesses were due to appear but only three turned up, all members of the police force.