East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) and West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT) (25 Mar 2009)
Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008.

Update on trials in Papua: Witness dismised in Buchtar trial|Defence lawyer threatens to charge the police in Manokwari (25 Mar 2009)
The trial of Buchtar Tabuni facing the charge of makar (treason) for coordination a rally in Jayapura in support of the launch of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua in London:

4 Dutch Journalists Released in Indonesia's Papua (25 Mar 2009)
The Associated Press - Indonesian authorities released four Dutch journalists who were detained for hours in Indonesia's Papua province while covering a pro-independence rebel's return from exile, one of their employers and the Netherlands government said late Tuesday.

Dutch journalists detained for misusing visas (24 Mar 2009)
The Jakarta Post - The Immigration Office in Jayapura on Tuesday detained three Dutch journalists for misusing their tourism visas in order to cover news on demonstration against the arrival of Free Papua Movement's leader in front of the provincial legislative council building yesterday.

Oppression still rife in West Papua (24 Mar 2009)
The Age - Recent reports from Indonesia's West Papua of a raid on a military post by separatist fighters, and the news that a former West Papuan leader, Nicolaas Jouwe, has returned to Indonesia calling for a new dialogue on West Papua's political status, again draw attention to the long-running grievances of the Melanesian population.