Papuan leader of old Nicolaas Jouwe met with minister Aburizal Bakrie (20 Mar 2009)
Jakarta - Nicolaas Jouwe has met up with coordinating minister Abourizal Bakrie this morning.The meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere and lasted about 45 minutes. There was genuine respect on both sides of the table. Jouwe had not come to surrender his ideal of independence, as some news reports stated earlier, but stressed the importance of a constructive dialogue between Papuan leaders and Jakarta.

Australia helps train basic infrastructure engineers in Papua (20 Mar 2009)
ANTARA news - More than 100 technical facilitators, who have graduated from a basic infrastructure course funded by Australia, will be deployed to rural villages to help build basic infrastructure in Papua and West Papua provinces, it was reported here Friday.

Activists clash with Indonesian loggers (19 Mar 2009)
Activists from the conservation group Greenpeace have clashed with security guards outside the headquarters of Indonesia's biggest logging and palm oil company, the Sinar Mas Group.

Papua Rebel Drops Independence Claim: Indonesia (19 Mar 2009)
JAKARTA (AFP) -- The co-founder of a Papuan rebel group fighting to split from Indonesia has returned after more than 40 years in exile to renounce the independence struggle, officials said Thursday.

Indonesia's death zone (18 Mar 2009)
The Guardian Weekly(UK) - Jakarta is ignoring us while cholera and HIV/Aids spread through our villages, say the inhabitants of West Papua. Cain Nunn investigates