Tabuni trial to go ahead despite lawyers objections (12 Mar 2009)
There were scuffles between many dozens of protesters and the police outside the court where Buchtar Tabuni is on trial for an incident in Jayapura on 16 October 2008.

TNI Warns of More Unrest Among Neglected Papuans (12 Mar 2009)
Armed Foces Chief Gen. Djoko Santoso on Wednesday acknowledged that growing disappointment in Papua Province toward the central government that could potentially fan separatist movements and violent demonstrations.

Prosecutors hold up return of West Papua five (12 Mar 2009)
Five Australians freed from jail in West Papua have appealed to the Australian Government for help, after Indonesian prosecutors refused to grant authority for them to return home, their lawyer says.

TNI says money problems behind separatism in Papua (11 Mar 2009)
Indonesian Military (TNI) chief Djoko Susilo says the main reason for many Papuans wishing to separate from the Indonesian republic stems from a massive disparity in economic development between the provinces.

Papua promotion office opens in Frankfurt (11 Mar 2009)
A promotion office aimed at promoting the region of Papua in the European Union has officially opened on Sunday, Papuan gubernatorial spokesman said Tuesday.