West Papua Report March 2009 (5 Mar 2009)
Contents * US State Department Reports Repression of Papuan Rights in Annual Human Rights Report * Secretary Clinton in Jakarta Generally Ignores Human Rights Issues, Fails to Meet with Papuans * Human Rights Group Urges US to Use Its Leverage to Spur Reform of Indonesian Military * Buchtar Tabuni Charged Under Repressive Criminal Code Statues * Indonesian Government Human Rights Commission Accuses Government of Failing to Prosecute Human Rights Crimes in West Papua and Elsewhere * Boiling Rocks in West Papua * Papuan Official Rejects "Special Autonomy"

Regulation on free education needs to be supervised (3 Mar 2009)
Cenderawasih Pos - A member of the Papuan Regional Assembly, Paskalis Kosay said that the Governor's move to provide education and health facilities free of charge is a very positive move and is welcomed by everyone.

Update on the Trial of Buchtar Tabuni in Jayapura (3 Mar 2009)
The second hearing in the trial of Buchtar Tabuni took place on 25 February at the District Court in Jayapura.

Children must walk long distances to get to school (2 Mar 2009)
Kompas - Children who live in the Central Highlands of Papua have to walk very long distances to get to school every day, said an official of World Vision, Ardiyanto Parula.

Governor of Papua introduces free primary education and health for Papuans (2 Mar 2009)
The Governor of Papua, Barnabas Suebu, announced that starting today, all payment for education at the primary and lower middle school level for indigenous Papuans will be abolished and that medical treatment will also be provided free of charge.