Urgent appeal: Torture and maltreatment of political prisoners in Papua (16 Feb 2009)
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) regrets to inform you that we have received information of detainees being tortured and ill-treated by prison officials in Abepura Prison, Papua province, Indonesia. According to the information received seven persons were tortured from February 1, until February 5, 2009. They were reportedly beaten and put in an isolation cells where they were deprived of food and water for four days.

Buchtar Tabuni and others to go on trial on 18 February (16 Feb 2009)
Cenderawasih Pos, 14 and 16 February 2009 (Summary with additional information from Tapol) Preparations are being made for the trial of Buchtar Tabuni and colleagues which is due to commence in Jayapura on 18 February. A team of 43 lawyers has been organised to defend him when he faces the charge of subversion (makar).

Papuan special autonomy needs to be reevaluated - Rights group (14 Feb 2009)
Kompas - The slow pace of development in Papua 12 years after the implementation of special autonomy has lead observers to believe that a reevaluation of the special autonomy law is needed. They believe that the stipulations enacted in the 2001 law have lost their spirit, namely bringing prosperity to the Papuan people.

INDONESIA Archbishop highlights folk wisdom to prevent calamity (13 Feb 2009)
UCAN News - An archbishop in Papua, Indonesia's easternmost province, says local people should learn from folk wisdom to avert natural disasters. Sacred Heart Archbishop Nicolaus Adi Saputra of Merauke has suggested people return to the practice of building wambad, mounds on which sago trees and other crops can be planted, to protect against rising tides.

Human rights violations in Papua (13 Feb 2009)
The Jakarta Post - Members of a German human rights delegation walk out of the German Embassy building in Central Jakarta on Thursday after meeting with representatives of Papuan youths and students. The latter were in Jakarta to stage a rally supporting a plan by the German delegation to conduct checks on human rights violations in Papua, following the government's rejection of the delegation's request to visit the province.