State must end impunity, says Elsam (23 Nov 2012)
Jakarta Post - During the commemoration of International Day to End Impunity on Friday, the human rights watchdog Institute for Research and Advocacy (Elsam) had once again urged the government to prosecute unfinished human rights violation cases.

Pastor Shot Dead in Papua (22 Nov 2012)
Jakarta Globe - A pastor was found dead on a street in Merauke, Papua, on Thursday morning with a gunshot wound to her head.

Population problem in Papua is serious, says acting governor (20 Nov 2012)
JUBI - The acting governor of Papua, Constan Karma, has called for serious attention to be paid to the population problem in Papua because of the rapidity with which it has been increasing. He said that the problem was causing a number of social problems.

Former Komnas HAM member says case against Kogoya 'should not be dramatised' (17 Nov 2012)
Bintang Papua - Human rights defender and director of the Papuan Baptist Voice Mathius Murib, has said in a press release that the case of Dany Kogoya should not be dramatised because there are many strange things relating to the case that need to clarified. He also said that Kogoya and his associates should have legal representation.

Vanuatu Christian Council expresses strong support for West Papua (16 Nov 2012)
JUBI - The chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council has announced that the Council intends to raise the issue of West Papua at the annual meeting of the Council next week and will urge companies that work together with the new government of Vanuatu to adopt West Papua as their top priority.