Human rights in 2009: Year of forced choice (23 Dec 2008)
Kontras - 2009 will be the year of politics -- electoral politics to be precise.

"Flagging" Support for the The Free Papua Organization? (23 Dec 2008)
Tempo Magazine - The Free Papua Organization does not rely on guerilla rebellions any more. There is no central figure.

Human rights forecast poor for '09 (23 Dec 2008)
The Jakarta Post - The protection of human rights across Indonesia is expected to remain bleak next year because most political parties contesting the upcoming elections lack clear vision on human rights issues, a study shows.

Ecological disasters and Indonesia's future threats (22 Dec 2008)
The Jakarta Post - Indonesia lost 24 islets during 2005-2007 as a result of climate change, as reported in the Indonesian State of the Environment Report published by the State Ministry for the Environment in 2007.

Chair of Indonesian Intellectuals NGO: Freeport makes hugeprofits while local people live in poverty (21 Dec 2008)
Kompas - According to Sutina Made, chairman of ICMI, the Muslim Intellectuals Forum, speaking in South Sulawesi, Freeport Indonesia has brought little benefit for the people of Papua, in particular the people of Mimika, where the copper-and-gold mine is based. The value of the copper and gold exported to the US far exceeds the benefits enjoyed by the Papuan people.