West Papua Report December 2008 (3 Dec 2008)
* Thousands of Papuans Demonstrate Peacefully, Calling for Independence * Papuan Academics call for a Human Rights Court and Reconciliation Commission for West Papua * Papuans Peacefully Demonstrate against Militarism * Secession Threats Raised in West Papua and Elsewhere over Passage of Islamic Law-Based Legislation * Papuan Governor Suebu to Launch Anti-HIV/AIDS Campaign as the Disease Spreads Explosively in West Papua * Papuan Governor Suebu Describes "Special Autonomy" Implementation as "Chaotic" * National Seminar Discusses "Marginalization" of Papuans| Racism Cited as An Underlying Cause

Building Peace and Upholding Justice: Lessons from Indonesia (2 Dec 2008)
Expert Meeting - ICTJ hosted a meeting, "Peace and Justice in Asia," with a particular focus on Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and Nepal, on December 2-3, 2008. In advance, a one-day workshop was held with the primary authors of the case studies now being concluded on Nepal and Indonesia (Aceh and Maluku).

Mimika to step up war against HIV/AIDS (29 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - With the incidence of HIV/AIDS infections in Mimika regency, Papua, on the rise, the administration is stepping up efforts to raise public awareness of the disease and provide support for clinics and those already infected.

Birdflu kills 11 over past 4 years (29 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - Eleven people died from bird flu between 2005 and November, 2008 in Central Java, an official said Thursday.

Government Criticized Over Deterioration in Papua (28 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Globe - A lawmaker called on the government on Thursday to pay greater attention to the implementation of special autonomy for Papua Province, claiming it had not been effectively applied since being promised in 2001.