West Papua: Lack of midwives and high mortality rate| education facilities very inadequate according to Governor (21 Nov 2008)
Kompas - The mortality rate of mothers and babies is very high in the provinces of Papua and West Papua because of a serious shortage of midwives.

Child mortality in the interior of West Papua (21 Nov 2008)
Quantitative study on death amongst infants in the Kebar Valley. This report informs about the health care situation of Papuans in the Kebar Valley of West Papua, Indonesia. The inquiry took place in August 2008.

Torture of political prisoner in Abepura Prison (21 Nov 2008)
The torture of Ferdinand Pakage (23 years), who became a political prisoner due to the clashes of March 16, 2008, happened when prison guards found Ferdinand Pakage, who had escaped prison a month ago. According to information provided by Theo Aryobaba SH, prison director in Abepura, officials had caught Ferdinand Pakage three times because he was outside prison.

HIV/AIDS Serious threat in Papua: Human Rights Court and Truth Commission Needed: Governor Suebu angry about conditions in Papua (19 Nov 2008)
Cenderawasih Pos - The governor of Papua, Barnabas Suebu believes that HIV/AIDS now poses a serious threat to the very existence of the Papuan people. If the situation continues, there could be no one left.

Thousands of boxes of liquor seized from warehouse (18 Nov 2008)
Mimika police and regency administration have conducted raids on three alcohol distributors after military officers captured two trucks loaded with illegal liquor leaving Pomako port in Mimka, Papua.