Papuans demand explanation on killing of Opinus Tabuni (17 Nov 2008)
Cenderawasih Pos - Dozens of Papuans carried out a demonstration outside the Papuan Regional Assembly (DPRP), saying that they had been promised a meeting with the military and police commanders to discuss the killing of Opinus Tabuni, to know why this had happened and what had been done to discover who was responsible for the killing.

West Papua Report November 2008 (15 Nov 2008)
* International Parliamentarian Group (IPWP) Concerned about West Papua Convenes in London * Peaceful Papuans Beaten, Detained for Welcoming Launch of IPWP| Indonesian Parliamentarians Protest Launch * Papuan Religious Leaders Call for Dialogue between Papuans and Jakarta over Fraudulent 1969 "Act of Free Choice" * Greenpeace Calls for Moratorium on Logging in West Papua* * The Failure of TNI "Reform" * U.S. Academic Testimony to US Congress Regarding Impact of Freeport Operations on The Papuan People

Special Report: Defending Papua, RI's main agenda in Pacific region (14 Nov 2008)
Jakarta Post - Indonesia's relations with countries in the Pacific region have received sparse media attention in recent times. However, a series of recent incidents and demonstrations have brought into question Indonesia's right to sovereignty over Papua.

Special Report: Prosperity in border areas key to national unity: Minister (14 Nov 2008)
Jakarta Post - Indonesia is involved in bickering over borders with neighboring countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

Special Report: Government struggling to solve border problems and disputes (14 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - Papua New Guinea's Inter-Government Relations Minister Job Pomat looked surprised when Home Minister Mardiyanto told him just seconds after they shook hands last week that Indonesia wanted the Skow-Wutung border post opened immediately.