Pro-independence group honors Theys (13 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - On Wednesday some 100 people, calling themselves the Papua Human Rights Awareness Coalition, commemorated the seventh anniversary of the death of Theys Hiyo Eluay, leader of the Papua Presidium Council, who was killed by government forces on Nov. 10, 2002.

HIV/AIDS infections rising rapidly in Papua: Official (13 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Papua is increasing every year with 319 new cases reported as of October, taking the total to 4,114 reported cases.

Hundreds of people welcome anti-graft chief in Timika (12 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - Hundreds of people swarmed the usually quiet Mose Kilangin international airport in Timika, Papua, to greet Antasari Azhar, the Corruption Eraducation Commission (KPK) chair, but they failed to see him.

Bone marrow transplant suppresses AIDS in patient (12 Nov 2008)
Reuters - A bone marrow transplant using stem cells from a donor with natural genetic resistance to the AIDS virus has left an HIV patient free of infection for nearly two years, German researchers.

Papuans Voice Discontent with Govt (12 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - Anyone who thinks the discussion on Papuan independence is over should listen to Hans Gebze and other young Papuans.