The other side of development in Papua (5 Nov 2008)
UPI Asia Online - "Witch hunting" has historically been, and still is, a common phenomenon in Papua among the indigenous people. Although different local communities have different interpretations of the practice, the basic tenets are the same: people are blamed for the things that go wrong in life.

Call for end to militarism in Papua (4 Nov 2008)
Cenderawasih Pos - Scores of Papuans from the Coalition for Human Rights in Papua demonstrated in Jayapura to reject the presence of the Indonesian military in Papua. The demonstrators consisted mainly of youths as well as students from several universities in Jayapura. They carried a single banner with the slogan: 'Stop Praktek Militerisme di Papua: No space for Democracy in Papua.'

Papua Rejects Heavy Military Presence (4 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - Around 100 protesters from the International Parliament for West Papua (IPWP) staged a rally Monday against an alleged increase in militarism in Papua outside the Provincial Legislative Council building.

Papua's foreign trade is dominated by Freeport (3 Nov 2008)
Kompas - The value of exports from Papua in the month of July 2008 was $306.75 million, which was 44.24 percent higher than in June 2008. These exports are exclusive of oil or gas.

Regional Autonomy: Mimika's Rural Areas Rise After 20 Years of (3 Nov 2008)
The Jakarta Post - During the Catholic missionary period, the village of Kokonao was a center of education, but when West Mimika's administration center moved to Timika city twenty years ago, it was gradually forgotten about.