Timika hospital receives first accreditation in Papua (30 Oct 2008)
The Jakarta Post - Timika's Mitra Masyarakat Hospital (RSMM), which is partly owned by tribal communities, has become the first healthcare institution in Papua to be accredited by the Health Ministry.

Bill against racial discrimination passed (29 Oct 2008)
The Jakarta Post - The House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill that terms ethnic and racial discrimination as serious crimes.

Abridged in translation by Tapol (28 Oct 2008)
Cenderawasih Pos - International Parliamentarian activists questioned for subversion in Jayapura The chairman of the committee in Jayapura for International Parliamentarians for West Papua, Buchtar Tabuni, the chairmman of Dewan Adat Papua, (DAP) Forkosus Yoiboisembut and DAP secretary general Leonard Imbiri have responded to summons for interrogation by the police, assisted by lawyers from ALDP, Latifah Anum Siregar, Iwan Niode, Faizal and Hulda Buara.

Papuans facing subversion charges: journalists warned not toreport the case (27 Oct 2008)
Jawa Pos - According to a report in Jawa Pos, the local deputy police chief in Jayapura has prohibited journalists from reporting anything about investigations into a subversion case. The police officer warned that if journalists persist in pursuing this case, they could be the victims of an accident on their way home (bisa mengalami kecelakaan saat pulang).

Indonesian health minister accuses foreigners of exaggerating cholera outbreak (22 Oct 2008)
BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific - In mid-August 2008, a cholera outbreak was reported in the districts of Paniai and Dogiyai in Papua Province. Media reporting indicated that around 500 had been affected and between 81 and 89 had died. More recently, Medecins du Monde stated it had recorded around 150 deaths, which was closer to the 290 estimated by church groups.