More talk won't root out the rainforest butchers (20 Aug 2008)
We ban trawling off wide stretches of the coast to save rare dolphins. We ban the trade in ivory, whale meat and tiger penises to try to protect various endangered beasts. So why are we pussy-footing around when it comes to kwila imports, most of which, apparently, are illegally stripped from the ancient rain forests of West Papua.

Inter-faith dialogue pioneers (19 Aug 2008)
Relgious leaders in Papua, the easternmost province of Indonesia, were resolute to play a role as inter-faith dialogue pioneers to enable their adherents to live in peace and brotherhood.

Letter from America (19 Aug 2008)
Members of the US Congress asked President Yudhoyono to free Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage. Their issue is actually with George W. Bush.

Flags and Bullets in Wamena (19 Aug 2008)
The interrogation suddenly became tense. The five figures from the Papuan Traditional Council who were summoned by the Regional Police last Thursday, refused to be interrogated on suspicion of flying the Morning Star flag. They were willing to be examined only related to a shooting incident| even that on condition of being accompanied by international figures.

Include Our Papuans (19 Aug 2008)
As we celebrate the 63rd year of our independence, the latest news of strife from the beautiful valley of Baliem in Papua should be troubling our conscience. A bullet killed a young man in his 30s, Opinus Tabuni, when police began to fire in response to the flying of the Papuan Morning Star flag, at a rally in Wamena city to mark UN Indigenous Peoples' Day on Saturday, August 9.