historic opportunity missed to provide justice (15 Jul 2008)
The governments of Indonesia and Timor-Leste have missed an historic opportunity to provide justice for more than 1,000 people killed during Timor-Leste's vote for independence in 1999, Amnesty International said today.

Health service in Papua needs to be improved (14 Jul 2008)
Public access to the health service in the remote regions of the provinces of Papua and West Papua is very limited for a number of reasons: the geography of the region, the very limited health infrastructure and the lack of health personnel. As a result diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and other contagious diseases are spreading very rapidly.

Biak Incident of 1998, remembered (14 Jul 2008)
Fransicans International - Ten years ago, on 6 July 1998, the events in the island of Biak, off the Northern coast of West Papua, unfolded into a violent incident that, to this date has not been fully investigated. The events were triggered by a Papuan flag raising ceremony, led by a peaceful gathering of individuals around the flag. This is marked as one of the bloodiest events in the recent history of suffering and of human rights violations in West Papua, the easternmost province of Indonesia.

HIV/AIDS spreading to Papua's remote regions (14 Jul 2008)
Nethy Darma Somba and Angela Flassy , The Jakarta Post - At least 16 have died of HIV/AIDS in Puncak Jaya regency, in Papua, and millions more are at risk in the country with the world's highest rate of spread of the disease.

12,645 families in Jayapura District are living below the poverty line (13 Jul 2008)
Cenderawasih Pos - There are 12,645 families in Jayapura District who are very poor, and living below the poverty line. This accounts for 47.4 per cent of the population.