KPK urged to address corruption cases in Papua (9 Jul 2008)
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - A local religious leader said the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has so far not paid any attention to or touched suspected corruption cases involving serving and former office-holders in Papua's executive and legislative branches at provincial and district or municipal levels, creating the impression the KPK was "discriminative" in carrying out its mission.

Human Rights, Whispering in the Wind: Komnas HAM (9 Jul 2008)
Dian Kuswandini, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta After 10 years of reform, Indonesia continues to lag in the implementation of human rights regulations, the National Commission on Human Rights said in a review Tuesday. "Indonesia only succeeds in embracing human rights as a standard setting exercise, rather than a program of implementation," commission chairman Ifdhal Kasim said at the opening of a four-day meeting.

MRP calls to prioritize Papuans in local elections (8 Jul 2008)
Kompas - The Papuan People's Assembly, MRP has called on the local election commission of the provincial government of Papua to comply with the Special Autonomy Law in the election of members of the legilative bodies for 2009. Article 28 states that political parties should give priority to recruiting Papuans.

New strategy behind separatism in Papua (8 Jul 2008)
Separatism in Papua is now perhaps the only remaining serious and long-standing separatist problem in Indonesia after the issue of Acehnese separatism was finally and successfully resolved. Following the Aceh peace deal in 2005, it is expected that the Papuan rebellion will follow in the footsteps of Aceh.

Central Papua establishment wins support from 10 regencies (8 Jul 2008)
The Jakarta Post online, Mimika, Papua The proposal for the establishment of Central Papua province had won support from 10 regencies, a team preparing the province said Tuesday.