The effects of low human security on the health status of a struggling population. Do health indicators matter? (7 Jul 2008)
The impact of crisis on healthcare is considerable, but should be seen in a larger context, where security improvement is paramount and indeed mandatory to stabilise mortality and morbidity. A study published in 2007 highlighted the association between recent conflict and higher rates of under-five mortality, malnutrition and maternal mortality. Even in an area without overt conflict, such as Papua, Idnonesia, socioeconomic inequalities might leave groups impoverished and in low human security.

President 'Breaches' Autonomy Law (4 Jul 2008)
Angela Flassy, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has breached a 2001 on special autonomy for Papua by issuing a 2008 government decree to amend the law, Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) chairman Agus Alue Alua said Thursday.

Listen to Our Voice: Making the Case against Torture in Papua (3 Jul 2008)
After her son was suspected of participating in protests lead by university students against a mining corporation, the Indonesian police apprehended Anselina Temkon from her home. She was allegedly beaten with a gun, her hands burnt with cigarettes and, with a gun to her head, the police allegedly told her they were going to take her to a nearby town and "finish her off" if she did not disclose the whereabouts of her son.

Saudis plan Rp 600b (US$65.04 million) rice estate investment (3 Jul 2008)
Novia D. Rulistia, The Jakarta Post A consortium of 15 Saudi Arabian investors is ready to take part in the Merauke Integrated Rice Estate (MIRE), injecting at least Rp 600 billion (US$65.04 million) into the region, an official says.

*The West Papua Advocacy Team announces creation of the "John Rumbiak Human Rights Defenders Award" and that the first winner of this annual award is legendary human rights defender Carmel Budiarjo, founder of TAPOL. *Chronic Public Health Emergencies in West Papua Belie Claims of Special Autonomy Success. *We Mark The Tenth Anniversary of The Biak Massacre with Personal Accounts by Two WPAT Members. *Government Plans for Massive Highway Project Threatens Papuan Forests and Papuans Themselves. *International Crisis Group Report Looks at Prospects of Communal Violence But in Recommendations Fails to Call for Justice and An End to Impunity for Security Forces.