West Papua Report- June 2008 (11 Jun 2008)
Monthly overview of highlights affecting people of Papua

Faith based network member's' statement to the Human Rights Council (9 Jun 2008)
In this statement, several members of the Faith-based Network on West Papua acknowledge the questions raised by several member states on human rights in West Papua.

The Human Rights Council this morning adopted the outcome of the Working Group of the Universal Periodic Review on the reports on Indonesia, the United Kingdom, India and Brazil. Concluding the consideration of the outcome on the report on Indonesia, which began on 9 June in the afternoon, non-governmental organizations raised issues concerning West Papua and Timor Leste. They encouraged the Government to proceed with the redefinition of torture in the criminal code in accordance with the Convention against Torture Speaking on the report on Indonesia was the Indonesian Human Rights Commission, Egypt, Franciscans International, International Non-Governmental Organizations Forum on Indonesian Development, Asian Legal Resource Centre, World Organization Against Torture, Amnesty International, and Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, also speaking on behalf of the Indonesian NGO Coalition

Papua a war with no enemy (30 May 2008)
The torture scars on the body of 23-year-old Julius Meage are stark reminders of a grim past. While much of Indonesia has moved on to become a vibrant democracy, the province of Papua in the far east of the archipelago has been left behind.

Jayapura Navy investigates members for sexual harassment (29 May 2008)
Forty-one marines from the Jayapura Navy's main base are under investigation for the sexual harassment of a local young couple.